Thursday, November 23, 2017

Gili Air - Entry 005

Greetings from the skies! I am in transit from Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo. Finishing up this nice little report on an old birthday gift I finally got to strut. 

Fashion: I was fortunate for last year's birthday, a close mate and colleague bought me a shirt from Jared Lang, a luxury brand based out of Miami. I had never heard of the brand before, and was more than shocked and grateful for the gift. The sad part is, since it is such a bright color, I could not wear it during mid-autumn, let alone the winter. Over a year later, it is nearly winter again, so I thought sporting it at an international locale was a brilliant idea...more so I did not have a chance to wear it altogether. I wanted to save it for a special occasion.

Jared Lang design

The colors are quite loud, which I enjoy! If one would have met me five to six years ago, they would have never caught me in this shirt. Let alone seven years ago when I first moved to New York City, and definitely never before that in California. Those with a conservative appeal may look elsewhere, yet do not completely dismiss it! I suppose the moral is this:

One's style builds over time, and that was one of the best aspects I love about starting this business. To properly research, document, and showcase for anyone that is finding their own style and needs a little guidance or push along the way.

Anyhow, behind the cuffs and the collar, are contrasting black designs. I love this particular detail as it gives depth to the shirt. I am happy to see more customization among off-the-peg clothing that normally would be offered as additional complimentary customization on a shirt. Some examples are cuff and collar design, buttonhole threading, and so on.

Jared Lang shirt, Versace sunglasses, and swim trunks from Thailand

Travel: The point-of-interest for me was one of three islands off of Lombok island, all east of Bali, Indonesia. Specifically, Gili Air - the middle sized island of the three, closest to Lombok, and overall appealing to all types travelers looking to "get away." The other two islands are known for partying [Gili Trawangan], and living the local life in a small and quaint manner [Gili Meno], though all three generate profits via tourism.

View of the beach during a morning run

The biggest tip I can give about getting to the islands is time tables. Though it may seem apparent, are the different time tables for going to and from the islands. The time frame of the time tables, however, is quite limited. That is, people can come from Bali [as I did] or Lombok. Yet the boats leaving from Bali only depart in the mornings. Coming back is different too, thus, one may consider to cushion a day for departure from the islands. The boat company I took and was quite pleased with was Blue Water Express. The company picks up from your location in Bali; however, the reservation must have been made before 18:00 that day. They provide complimentary water on the boat and sell beer as well.

Uniqueness: An unfortunate turn of event is one of the businesses, H2O Yoga & Meditation Center, caught on fire my last night there as of 2017 November 17. Thankfully, it was only a single building, and the fire appeared to not have spread elsewhere. Since I departed so early the next morning, I was unable to ask precisely what happened, yet their healthy bowls are really good! Definitely try them out if in town, though they take a moment to prepare. You can blame the island lifestyle if anything [insert witty comment here].

Building the morning after

Dragonfruit bowl!

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