Resources - Flight Deals

  • The Flight DealThese are flights originating from all parts of the United States to all parts of the world. The website posts consistently new deals at about 08:00 Eastern Time daily. I also subscribed to their Twitter feed since they post very swiftly and accurately.
  • Secret FlyingI started to dislike this website because how they erroneously call everything cheap an "Error Fare," which is absolutely not true! Sometimes, deals are that good because they are truly on sale. What I do like, for everyone else that does not live in the United States, is the website categorizes deals based on origin. Thus, you can bookmark your particular region, and check out deals that originate from there.
  • FlyerTalk [Economy Deals] - A massive flying [and other aspects of travel!] community that contributes like no other. There is a slight learning curve, yet once you get the hang of it, it is like skimming a book. A post shall be dedicated shortly on how to interpret and utilize the deals.

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